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What You Should Know Before You Visit One

If we were to define etiquette, it can be described as accepted norms of behavior in a society, group or class. There is nothing definite about who defines this behavior but it can be understood that the codes have been there for a while and have been initiated so that there can be a common thread amongst the group. Those who follow the norms automatically become part of the group.However, the ones that don’t are not necessarily

doing that to oppose but many a time it is due toignorance about the code and what is required of them. Where the right etiquette is not followed, people are not thrown out from the group but they do risk being marginalized or confronted for their different behavior.Casinos are no different from such groups and it is required that a certain etiquette is followed while in a casino. The following tips will help you if you are planning a trip to a casino sometime soon.


All casinos come with rules and it is a clever idea to get acclimatized with the rules of the casino you are planning to visit. Casinos these days have great websites like http://www.thecasinobonusguide.co.uk/ with a lot of information about the games, their rules, and guides that will help you learn a game before you head into a casino Some things you can do to avoid being in a situation where you are the only one doing the opposite of everyone.

  • Do not forget to study the game online.
  • If you are in a casino, watch a game in progress from a polite distance to understand how it is being played.
  • If you are watching a game, do not ask the players or dealers questions. It is considered rude.
  • Most casinos will have beginner tables where games are played by beginners and hence a little easier to follow.
  • Do not ask the dealer for advice. He is not meant to give them out.

Chips and Denominations

What you will need to know is that once you enter the casino, all your dealings will be done through chips. Generally, you will find that while the chips may be different in patterns and colors, the denominations are pretty much standard.All denominations are usually available depending

on where you are playing. While bigger denominations are broken into smaller denominations, this is done mostly when you are cashing out your earnings and are ready to leave the casino.We have customers first. It does not matter whether you are a The chips being used will depend on the game being played.

Obviously, in high stakes games, the chips will be used according to the minimum bets. You will find that less traditional colors are generally used for high-value chips. In addition, cheaper plastic which has flooded the markets has made it easy for casinos to bring them out in attractive colors and designs.

Smoking and Drinking

All casinos have marked spaces and table dedicated to smokers. There is nothing more annoying than having to tell someone at your table that he/she cannot smoke there. Do make a note of these marked out places to smoke. This will not only ensure that you are respectful of other people’s spaces but can avoid theembarrassment of being called out by the dealers or the casino people. It is perfectly possible that you may be in a casino where smoking is allowed and here it is more necessary that you be considerate of people around you who may not be smokers.

  • Ensure you do not blow out smoke into other people’s faces.
  • When you put out your cigarette, ensure that it is put out completely. This will prevent a steady smoke from rising.
  • The drinks are free flowing in a casino, but that really does not mean that you throw caution to wind and drink without a limitation.
  • You want your experience in a casino to be pleasant, not marked by warnings from the security personnel from the casino. This is possible if they notice that you are drunk and your behavior has become erratic and confrontational.
  • You do not want to make a fool of yourself by creating a scene or annoying the other people around you.

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