Company Culture

We are a top casino built in the early 90’s. We have always worked to bring the best of gaming and the best of experiences for traveler’s and customers coming here. Our casino is built over a large area, which includes a resort, golf facility, recreational spas and of course the casino. Each of the properties we own has their own distinct style and presence, but you will find we have a common theme of putting our customers first.

Our Company since existence has employed over hundreds and thousands of employees and we even today have the reputation of being the best employers. We have received umpteen recognitions of the same and we are extremely proud of the fact that our employees do not want to leave us.

  • We have always chosen to put our customers first. It does not matter whether you are a guest at the casino, or at any of the other properties. What matters is the service we provide and if you are unhappy with anything, we will be more than happy to make it right.
  • Our employees give us feedback and we listen. Our working environment may be high strung and stressful but we know how to treat our employees and that gives us the best advantage of having the right people with us. They are experienced in handling the toughest situations with calm and ease. All our employees are trained to help customers and you can approach them for any help, suggestions or problems while here.
  • Our games are always conducted with the highest ethical standards. We ensure that all the games are fair. We have regular checks that are done by independent authorities. We have slots, card games, roulette tables and much more such games for your entertainment. We can assure you that they are all conducted in a manner that is fair and correct

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